Kelechi Okereke – Involved in Nigerian Power Privatization

Kelechi Okereke played his own small part in the Nigerian Power Privatization Project of 2013. During his fifth year working for Citigroup’s Mergers and Acquisitions group, he became a founding member of Citigroup’s Africa M&A team in London. Okereke worked on transactions in Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia, and Morocco. He advised two clients during the Nigerian power privatization bidding process. Okereke has a Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience and completed his Pre-medical studies before he shifted his career from the medical field to the finance and business administration field.

Kelechi Okereke was working for Citigroup when, on February 21st, 2013, the Bureau of Public Enterprises, acting under the authority of the Federal Government of Nigeria, executed a Share Sale Agreement and Concession Agreement with each of the 14 preferred bidders for the companies created from the Power Holding Company of Nigeria. The resulting industry agreements founded the general framework of a new and fully-commercialized power sector in Nigeria. Kelechi Okereke is proud to have been a part of what many experts have called the largest development in the national power sector of Nigeria to date, responsible for laying the groundwork for more investments into the Nigerian power sector in coming years.

Kelechi Okereke, after his year working in London with the Africa M&A group, moved to New York City as a part of a selective rotation with Citigroup to work directly under the head of Citi’s investment bank. There he gained valuable management experience in the investment banking industry and learned what it means to be an effective business manager after his boss.