Kelechi Okereke – Three Basics of Emerging Market Investment

Kelechi Okereke has worked in emerging markets investment for several years with Citigroup. After he graduated from the University of Penn with a degree in Neuroscience, he changed his career from the medical field to the investment and finance field. Okereke worked for a year in the Nigerian Stock Exchange before joining Citigroup as an investment banker and advisor. During his fifth year with Citigroup he helped found the Africa M&A office in London for the company. He has always been interested in investing in emerging markets, especially those in West Africa. Here are three basics for investing in emerging markets:

  • Currency risk. A constant risk of investing in developing economies abroad is that exchange rates could shift in disadvantageous directions. Kelechi Okereke has to keep an eye on foreign currencies and their values in comparison to the dollar.
  • Inflation. Some emerging markets that don’t exert enough monetary restraint can have their rapid growth stunted as a result of inflation. Inflation devalues currencies, and hurts corporate margins.
  • Institutional risk. Capital markets in many emerging countries sometimes lack the standards and regulatory structure at times to avoid widespread fraud and lack of material information, which, as Kelechi Okereke knows, can cause a loss value of an investment.

Kelechi Okereke has helped many companies find the best investments possible in emerging markets, finding opportunities to get around the common and uncommon risks when investing in developing economies and emerging markets in countries around the world. Okereke lives and works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.