Kelechi Okereke – Breaking Down Private Equity

Kelechi Okereke is currently working on his MBA degree from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business in Philadelphia. He already has impressive experience in the finance and investment banking industries working for Citigroup, the Nigerian Stock Exchange, and as an intern for the Dubai investment group, Abraaj. A former Pre-med major at the University of Pennsylvania, Okereke decided to turn to investment banking and finance because he wanted to learn more about emerging markets and developing economies, especially in West Africa, where his parents are from.

Kelechi Okereke spent a great deal of time working with private investors on funneling their money intelligently into industries and businesses in foreign markets. Over his six years with Citigroup, he learned much about private equity and how it is used to make smart investments. Private equity is any kind of equity capital that is not quoted and traded on any public exchange. Investors and funds make up private equity and use it to directly invest in private companies or to buy out public companies, resulting in the delisting of a public entity. Kelechi Okereke learned that the private equity market around the world has been steadily expanding since the 1970s. Today, private equity firms will pool their funds together to buy very large public companies and make them private.

Kelechi Okereke hopes to expand his career in investment banking by earning his MBA and work with emerging economies and markets around the world. Okereke has been interested in new and emerging markets since his interest in investment banking was first piqued.