Kelechi Okereke – Three Rising African Companies

Kelechi Okereke is an international investment banker who has worked for the investment firm Citigroup for six years, heading the African Mergers and Acquisitions desk London for a year before rotating to New York City where he works for the head of Citigroup’s investment bank. He is currently a graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business where he is working to earn his MBA. Okereke has been interested in African businesses because he has worked with emerging economies before, looking for investment opportunities in places like Nigeria, where his parents are from. Okereke has identified three rising African startups that he thinks will help many people across the continent.

Miti Health. In some areas in Africa, three out of every five medications sold in pharmacies are fake, causing severe health problems. Kelechi Okereke has highlighted Miti Health as a rising company that has developed software that tracks their medication sources to find good medicine.

Ojay Greene. This company acts as an intermediary between farmers and urban supermarkets to create better buying relationships for Kenyan farmers, improving their income and the quality of local produce in many areas.

Aryodi Bee Farm. This startup offers farmers training and an investment opportunity in beekeeping, a low-cost, high-yield practice that Kelechi Okereke sees as a way for more farmers to supplement their incomes.

Kelechi Okereke wants to create more opportunities for investment in developing economies such as Nigeria and others in West Africa through his work as an investment banker.