Kelechi Okereke on the Impact of Technology on Business

In the last decade, Kelechi Okereke has had the privilege of watching the vital interaction between global business and technological growth. With each new year comes a fresh technological innovation that has the ability to shape the business world. Many businesses, especially those that are smaller in structure or reach, are able to keep up with larger competitors thanks to their technological additions. Small business owners, including those in emerging markets, may use technology in the following ways to enhance their business standings and profit.

When a small business imparts technological advances into their daily operations, their total overhead costs are often lowered. This is crucial to nearly all smaller companies that do not have a large funding base. As the types of technology used by businesses continues to grow, the accessibility of those software and hardware systems becomes far more user friendly. This means that a small business owner does not need a degree in information technology to successfully work with those programs.

The most recent technological advancements have also allowed small businesses to reach a broader client base. This is especially helpful for international companies and those in emerging markets who may not have the marketing assets in place to advertise on the global level. The invention of the smart phone and applications has given small businesses a way to interact with and conduct business with consumers all over the world. Kelechi Okereke understands that small businesses that deliver or sell a product find that growing technology has enhanced their sales capabilities